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Pure Hawaii is a luxury vacation rental provider, offering exclusive private estates for vacationers on the islands of Kauai and Maui.  The company's full-service offering includes access to some of the finest luxury homes in Hawaii, along with customized concierge services and on-site staff support. 

Investment Date:  May 2018

Transaction Type:  Recapitalization

Bulldog Media Group is a performance marketing company that specializes in online customer acquisition for clients in the financial services industry. The company's solutions include (i) a leading cost-per-action network that enables issuers to seamlessly advertise to targeted customers via partner publisher sites; (ii) database email marketing services; (ii) digital exit traffic monetization services; and (iv), a company-owned online destination for personalized consumer credit products and information. 

Investment Date:  February 2017

Transaction Type:  Recapitalization

Deal Announcement:  Go Capital Recapitalizes Bulldog Media Group

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